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Shipping & Returns

Welcome to our online store!

1. Our standard shipping via EMS. Delivery time 6-8 days.
2. Make sure that before you pay your shipping address, please leave your contact phone number. Give check a valid email address and e-mail after you have purchased one of the information.
3. Package transit time normally takes about 6-8 days depending on the destination, holidays and factors beyond the control of the postal services. If there is a delay, please have more patience.
4. Shipping policy:
We give free International express delivery is equipped with the world, with a tracking number and confirmation needed. Orders can be followed:
EMS: http: //www.ems.com.cn/
By entering this site for your country, enter the track number, you can check the status.
Do not hesitate to contact us.
By using our site you agree to the terms and conditions of use and our store policies. Every purchase before any form, please read carefully. We are not responsible for the clients due to the abuse of our website from any liability! Thank you for your understanding.

We usually ship within 24 --71 hours if ordered product in stock. Please note that our inventory is constantly changing and can not guarantee that all products on our site are in stock at the time of purchase. If your order is not in stock, we will immediately contact you via email, yes, please provide a valid email address to contact them. If the product is out will need 2-3 days to process orders.

All our products come with EMS, USPS, DHL and TNT. After that, send your order we will provide you a tracking number and tracking methods to receive your e-mail address, you can check the status of your order.

Refund and exchange policy
Reason can accept the following exchange: we ordered sent to your item (s) properly. The product (s) is / are defected. We are in 24 hours, when you receive the package, please contact us. We will help you back. The product (s) is / are not the right size; in this case, if we receive the item back, the size is right, we do the same item back to you. If not, please note that you need your items shipped to our warehouse at your cost. If you are the project, a new project or a new reorganization remain the dimensions. We will credit $ 35 shipping for the new project. If you do not wish your items returned to our warehouse.

return Policy
If the wrong items, please contact us within 24-48 hours, you get the package. We will help you back. Additional Freight Exchange (again and again), are borne by the customer. If you are not satisfied with the product, the customer will pay the return cost and shipping from our warehouse.

To Ask. Not just "beat box library" when shipping goods. Install time independent external box. For questions, please contact us at the address (the address can not be reversed).

The return address will be sent to you, but please contact us at the forefront.

We keep the items returned checks to verify that the product is damaged, the right to use or modify. If the return is not in resalable condition, you pay postage refunded to your credit card and beats will be. Buyer pay for the shipping cost to the majority of the product back to the store and transport will be added to all exchanges. We charge 30% of the payment of costs and restocking fee. After reaching a refund documents returned items will be placed on the credit card immediately.

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